3 Layers basted together for hand quilters.


To follow a winding circuitous pattern.

Patterned Meander:

Meandering with a purpose. Repeating a freehand design.

Simple Pantograph:

Open design stitched edge to edge.

Complex Pantograph:

More complicated patterned design stitched edge to edge.

Custom Quilting:

Block patterns, border design, SID, freehand.

Cross Hatching:

Straight lines that are parallel to or intersect each other. Can be stitched horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Prep Work:

Includes any ironing, seaming, thread snipping, squaring, or ironing.


Some types of batting are available for an additional cost. Please specify type.


Many colors and types of thread are available. Specialty and decorative threads are available for an additional cost.


Please provide your own backing. Remove salvages before piecing backing fabric. Backing should be 4 inches longer and 4 inches wider that the quilt top.

  Frequently asked questions

Does Stitch by Stitch offer quilting classes?

Yes. Stitch by Stitch not only offers quilting services but classes as well. Please contact us for a class schedule.